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Quad Angle Maps

• Quad Angle Maps display four separate 45 degree imagery views of the same location.

• These views are linked so that as you pan one view the other views move accordingly.

• Quad Angle Maps are only useful when displaying areas which contain 45 degree imagery.

• View lists of these areas here and here at the Google Lat Long blog.

Generate a Map Link

• It is recommended to link to a full screen quad angle map rather than embedding it on a web page.

• The base URL is

• You can add parameters to the base URL.

lat Latitude
lng Longitude
zoom Zoom Level
addr Geocodable address (overrides lat and lng parameters)
poly List of polygon coordinates. Lat and Lng values should be separated by commas. Coordinate pairs should be separated by spaces.

Example Links

Statue of Liberty.

Los Angeles International Airport.

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